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Hi, we're Alonso and Vivian Angulo Lizano. We minister in Nicaragua.


Ministry Description


English for Life is the name given to Word of Life evangelism and discipleship centers that utilize English as a Second Language (ESL). English for Life began in Asia more than a decade ago. We operate in four locates currently, with plans underway to expand into three additional Asian countries. The original name was SYME stands for School of Youth Ministries in English, but in Nicaragua we will use English for Life.

English for Life has been a tremendous blessing to each field where it operates. It is an effective evangelism and discipleship tool. It makes young people aware of the possibilities of additional Word of Life Bible Institute training (We have 13 Bible Institutes all over the world). It gives them a burden to serve the Lord through Word of Life in their home countries.

English for Life is designed as an English-immersion program, usually operating Tuesday through Friday each week. Students are required to speak English only for most of each day (7:30 am to 8:30 pm). Upon entry, students are tested for placement using the Michigan Placement Test (MPT). At the end of each term, we also post test using the MPT. Our program has been very successful, raising the MPT scores of all our students.

Students do not have to be Christians upon entry to English for Life. However, our schools usually maintain only a small percentage of non-believers. At the same time, nearly all who complete the program (8 months altogether), and who began as unbelievers, become believers before they are finished. This is one of the reasons why we say that English for Life is a very effective evangelism and discipleship ministry.

An English for Life day begins with students doing their Quiet Time (in English). This is followed by breakfast, which is then followed by Family Time. Family Time is where the students talk about their Quiet Time with English for Life staff. Next come the various classes for the day. The English for Life program features Bible classes, Christian life classes, Ministry classes, and English conversation, reading, and writing classes. At the end of the morning, just before lunch, a daily chapel, featuring Bible memory verses and various discipleship themes each week. Students are assigned “jobs” for chapel each day to train them in ministry and to provide a platform for them to use English publicly: song leading, Scripture memory leader, testimony, and translator. As for translation, one chapel a week is translated into the native language of the students. Testimonies are also translated.

In the evening, students are allotted study time, and they enjoy conversation with each other and with staff in English. There are also additional group and ministry training times in the evening. For example, there are “men’s” and “women’s” nights, along with times of singing and devotions in their native language.

On weekends, students are required to serve and involve with their home church serving the Lord in several areas like Word of Life Bible Clubs, Sunday school teachers, evangelism and discipleship.

The English for Life program is 8 months long. These eight months can be divided into terms of 1-2 months at a time as desired.

We do want to recruit English for Life students from Nicaragua for WOLBI in our region. In addition to being discipled, English for Life students will be better prepared to continue their education or to find better jobs in Nicaragua. For example, in an English-call center. This will be a tremendous blessing to their families and churches. Also, if the Lord calls some of them to the full time ministry, we want to lead them in the wonderful process.

As you pray for our ministry, please consider these blessings to develop English for Life in Nicaragua:
• A proven effective method of evangelism and discipleship.
• A proven means of attracting national young people to our ministry overall.
• A means of exposing WOLBI grads to your field and giving them a burden to return.
• A means of exposing North Americans to your field and attracting their support for all of
what you are doing for the Lord in Nicaragua.
• An effective means for training and expanding your national staff.
• An effective means for building relationships with national pastors and churches.
• An effective means for equipping national young people to serve in their churches.

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About Alonso

My name is Alonso Angulo, originally I am originally from Costa Rica and am serving along with my family in Nicaragua with WOL ministry since February 2016. I was born in April 29 1978, and grew in non-practicing catholic home and never heard nothing about God, the gospel or salvation until July 1993, when I was 15 years old, I heard for the very first time that God loved me and wanted to have a personal relationship with me. That Friday afternoon, after a soccer game I understood I was a sinner and accepted Christ as personal savior. My life was about to change!
I started to attend different churches, but those churches never took care of my spiritual life, that´s why I started to going into wrong ways and getting away from the Lord. After a couple of years, I realized that I really needed the Lord and needed to grow in the faith. I started to attend another church, the church where I met my wife and started my spiritual journey. We dated for 4 years and we got married December 7th , 2002.
The Lord called me to the ministry full time in the year of 1999 when in a missionary conference, Harry Bollback, who was missionary for many years in Brazil and co-founder of Word of Life, ministry was preaching. The Lord used his message and his personal testimony to help me leave everything I was doing at that time and to dedicate my life to the study of God's Word in a formal and complete way, which I was able to do at Word of Life Bible Institute in Buenos Argentina
At first I only knew that the Lord was calling us to serve with all of our lives, but over the years, based on Ephesians 4:11-18, the Lord was more than clear to guide me to devote myself to the study and teaching of the Word of God, which I have developed over the last 10 years in the ministry. The Lord has been clear about my calling.
Now, we are serving the Lord in Nicaragua with my beautiful wife Vivian and my two princesses María José and Abigial, looking forward to grow as a man, husband, father and as his servant.

About Vivian

My name is Vivian Aguilar.  I was born in Costa Rica in a Christian family. At the age of 8 I accepted Christ as my Savior and at the age of 15 I dedicated my life to the Lord deciding to become missionary. I decided to refuse that commitment as years went by, but with the constant reminder of what I once promised.  I met who was going to become my husband at the age of 19 and through him the Lord touched my heart reminding me of what I was created for. We both decided to get married and serve God together as a family.

I went to study to Word of Life in Argentina along with my husband, for three years. After that we went back to Costa Rica to serve him. Last year the Lord touched our hearts and we followed the calling of serving Him in Word of Life Nicaragua along with our two beautiful daughters María Jose, 9 years old and Abigail, 5 years old.

Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth. Hosea 6:3

Contact Information
Skype: Alonsoyvivi
MJ-22 Managua, Nicaragua
(505) 8136-3916

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