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The Life Change Camper Fund

For more than six decades, Word of Life Camps have been a refuge for youth seeking hope and purpose, loving environments that challenge students to make spiritual decisions and to live lives that impact their world.

Each summer more than 10,000 kids hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and are encouraged to grow in their walk with the Lord. This trademark Word of Life ministry touches the lives of young people in eternal ways. Through the financial assistance of friends like you, 1,814 young people received a scholarship to attend last year in New York and Florida!

In this safe and caring environment, the Word of God is presented and the Holy Spirit speaks to the hearts of campers. The result is truly life-changing - camp works! It is truly one of the most rewarding and strategic eternal investments you can make in young lives! Would you consider helping young people attend camp and have the opportunity to make the most important decisions they will ever make?

Camp works . . . it is truly one of the most rewarding and strategic eternal investments you can make in young lives!

The ride home from camp was peppered with all sorts of stories. They all started with, "oh yeah"..."and then"... and ended with "awesome" most of the time. "Twice a day we had church", my son would say. "Did you hear me, Mom? Twice!" As we unpacked his duffle bag, he pulled out a piece of paper and sank back into the couch. "Oh yeah, Mom, can you put this in one of your 'safe places'? I know you'll save it for me." The paper was a small, pink decision slip and very important to him. "I gave my heart to Jesus, and you know what? I'm glad I did."

Mother of a Camper

I would like to help change the life of a young person today!

The Life Change Student Fund

More than 20,000 graduates have experienced Word of Life Bible Institute, receiving an incredible, biblical framework for life. Students are immersed in God’s Word every day and then have the opportunity to be involved immediately in a local church ministry, youth camp, community outreach, sports or music team and open air evangelism. Simply put, students learn the Word and live it out! Will you partner with us to train, equip and inspire students to reach their world for Christ?

Even though the cost is less than half of many colleges, most students are still in need of financial assistance. Of last year’s student body, 92% received assistance.

Our driving passion for every student is that they learn the Word of God, love the Lord and live for Him!

Your gift is strategic as it helps provide biblical foundation and life change in aspiring leaders. Here is one example:

I can’t express enough how appreciative I am of the financial help I have received to come to Word of Life Bible Institute. After several years of living for myself, the Lord intervened in my life. It was truly a supernatural conversion that had me on my knees weeping. I immediately surrendered my life to Christ. I believe God is now calling me to the mission field and the Bible Institute is where He has directed me to learn. I am truly grateful for the spiritual growth that is taking place in my life. I can’t wait to see how God is going to use me to spread the good news of the Gospel!


Many have chosen to help through Word of Life’s Adopt-a-Student initiative. For a generous gift of $600 – $50 a month – you can adopt a student for the entire school year.

Your commitment is a great encouragement to youth who desire to know the Lord and to be more effective in reaching others and will insure that potential students will have the opportunity more accessible.

Once your gift is made, you’ll receive information on your adopted students and updates regarding their progress!

Adopt-a-Student for a year

Life Change Student Fund

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