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Hi, we're Jason and ChanJoo Anderson. We minister in South Korea Mainland.

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Currently I (Jason) am learning Korean full time in Seoul, South Korea. I have already studied full time for one year and plan to study another year before beginning full time ministry. Currently along with our leadership we are praying and planning about what our role will look life prior to language school. Our passion for ministry is one on one evangelism and discipleship. We are praying about the possibility of an ongoing street evangelism ministry here in Korea.

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About Jason

When I was just 7 when the terrors of the reality of hell gripped my heart. Searching for a way to escape the possibility of going to this terrible place I asked my father to teach me how I can be assured that I won't go to hell. My Father sat me down and walked me through the gospel in the living room of my home stressing my need for Jesus Christ alone. At the end I prayed with my Father and went on my way. However as I grew older, instead of growing closer to God I grew further away from God. I decided to go my own way and indulge in a life of sin and chasing pleasure. I had gotten myself into a complete mess. I would hide my sinful lifestyle from my family and everyone at church. It took a near death experience (A 30 ft fall down a mountain face) for me to start seeking God. I eventually went to a Church young adult’s retreat and stayed at their youth camp for the remainder of the summer. It was there I fell in love with the Word of God and began to realize how much I don’t know about God. That passion lead me to go to the Word of Life Bible Institute in Schroon Lake NY to further study to Word of God. It was there I understood the reality of the Gospel. No matter how far I had wandered, God extended His hand in mercy through the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. During the first month after memorizing various scriptures for class and reading the Bible Everyday God began to teach me more and more about His Gospel. One day in that first month at Bible school I went down by the edge of the lake to get alone with God. It was there I examined my heart, repented of my sin and put my Faith in Jesus Christ. From that point on my life has been transformed by His grace, and I have complete assurance of salvation. I continued to study at Bible school for 2 years, and after hearing about the need for missionaries and pastors to go out into the world at a missions’ conference my heart became more and more burdened for the lost. At the time I didn’t know where or what I would do I was just willing to go. Shortly after the conference I got the opportunity to go to serve with WOL Korea. I was married a year later to Chanjoo, a Korean girl who had also went through the WOL Bible Institute and was serving is South Korea as a missionary. I now live in Korea full time serving to tell people about the same gospel that transformed me.

About ChanJoo

I grew up in Christian family and my dad started his pastoring during my teenage years. I would identify myself as a Christian because I went to church, prayed and knew the Word. During my highschool years I started realizing doing all these religious things was a burden , and was busy and asked myself why I was doing it. I did it because my family did it, instead of putting my faith in Jesus I put my parent’s faith on myself. I knew Jesus but didn’t have a relationship with Him. In the college I started going through confusing times and put myself in deep sin. Nothing could satisfiy me and that led me to more sins and lying. I tried to hide this from my parents but it was obvious that I was not walking with God. My dad had me go to SYME (Student Youth Ministry in English), and in one of the English classes the teacher always opened up a class with a passage from God’s Word and that day she was reading the book of Hosea,. After she read the book of Hosea I was confused and couldn’t focus on the class. For days I asked God why He would make Hosea who was a faithful servant to Him be married to Gomer that was a prostitute. And again after Gomer ran away God asked Hosea to go back to Gomer and get her back. From that passage I realize that I wasn’t any different than Gomer and Hosea was representing Jesus Christ. God wrote that book way before Jesus came to the world to show the illustration of the Gospel. We all belong to God but we are separated from Him because of sin. But to fill that emptiness I gave myself into idols just like Gomer. But God sent His only perfect Son who knew no sin into this world so that He can pay for our sins just like Hosea. I repented of my sins and asked Him to be the Lord of my life and gave my life to Him.
There are many churches in South Korea but rarely any youth in churches. I want to share the Gospel to those young people who grew up in churches or claim they are a Christian but don’t understand the Gospel so that they will share the Gospel with those around them.
Learning English is big in Korea, and I pray that God will use my international marriage and my kids for a tool for His ministry. My testimony will never stop until I meet Him again and He is still working in my life everyday!

"I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.” - Luke 5:32

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