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Ministry Description

With the arrival of the Asmah family in June 2003, Word of Life Ghana's ministry began. The director, John Asmah (a native of Ghana), his wife Marilyn, and their two sons Joshua and Jake are involved in public school ministry, Bible Clubs, and evangelistic outreaches. They have already seen hundreds accept Christ and have an extensive follow-up and discipleship program in place.

Country Description

Situated in Western Africa, Ghana borders the Gulf of Guinea, between Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and Togo, and is home to the world's largest artificial lake, Lake Volta. Slightly smaller than the state of Oregon, the Republic of Ghana was formed from the merger of the British colony of the Gold Coast and the Togoland trust territory. In 1957 Ghana became the first sub-Saharan country in colonial Africa to gain its independence. A long series of coups resulted in the suspension of the constitution in 1981 and the banning of political parties. A new constitution, restoring multiparty politics, was approved in 1992. Well endowed with natural resources, Ghana has roughly twice the per capita output of the poorer countries in West Africa. Even so, Ghana remains heavily dependent on international financial and technical assistance. Gold, timber, and cocoa production are major sources of foreign exchange. Of Ghana?s 20,757,032 population 63% claim to be Christian, 16% Muslim, and 21% indigenous beliefs. Population estimates for this country explicitly take into account the effects of excess mortality due to AIDS. It continues to be a growing problem.

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PO Box GP 243
Accra, Ghana
West Africa

00-233-26-553 0248

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No Matter the Conditions!

Even though Doryimo Junior High was packed into a small, hot room full of sweaty students, the 106 students were attentive and lively, answering all the questions I asked them. Thanks to God, 102 of them accepted Christ as their personal Savior... read more

Dying Without Christ is Terrifying

"Pour water on me! I feel like Im on fire! As he lay on his bed, screaming in agony, the man begged his wife to pour water on him to give him some relief. This man passed over to the other side without accepting Christ as his personal Savior even though hed heard the Gospel being preached. When ... read more

Evangelistic Outreach well attended because of a power outage.

Power outages. Normally, they are inconvenient and cause no end of annoyance. However, last week it was a blessing in disguise!

When we were out on an evangelistic outreach program in Fotobi, the power went out just before we started the program. Because of this, almost everyone in ... read more

Starting to question

After the service was over, a Muslim student approached me.
He said, I have a problem with what you said. I don't believe that Jesus is God. I also have a problem with the Trinity." I took the time to explain and took him through the Scriptures. I also gave him my phone number so we can ... read more

School ministry brings about salvation of teacher

For a long time I was doubting the teachings of my religion. Today I heard the Gospel presented so clearly that it got rid of all my doubts about Jesus, said a Jehovah Witness teacher. This teacher was standing among the students. When I made the call for salvation, he unashamedly raised his hand... read more

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