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Hi, I'm Savannah Demasi. I minister in Argentina.

Ministry Description

In Jose Mármol I am in the Bible Club, which is the service we have for the adolescents (12-18 year olds) . In the Bible Club we have different activities each week following a lesson series which can be Bible stories, Evangelism and discipleship, spiritual growth etc... We also prepare games for them, snacks and provide a different kind of Saturday than what they may be used to. This ministry is important because this is a crucial time in the lives of each of our young teens and we need to be involved in their lives and be providing a safe place for spiritual growth, providing them with Biblical answers to the problems they might be facing, and also an opportunity to share with other young believers.
I am also involved in the Sunday School class the ministers to the youngest group of children that we have in our church. These are children from the ages of 1 year old to 7 years old. Most children who grow up in church make the decision to receive Christ when they are young, around this age group. So it is beautiful to see these children not only growing in size but also knowledge of our God and making the most important decision of their lives at such a young age.
Being part of the worship team is something that I really enjoy because I can use a talent that i have been given to serve my Creator, the one who has gifted it to me. I am able to sing on Saturdays at the youth meetings and Sundays for the Sunday school and the church service, as well as special activities.
During the week I volunteer teaching English as a second language in a missionary school. The amazing thing about English is that it can be used everywhere and Christians like non-Christians see the need for it. Many children come to the English school because they see the importance of knowing English, but English, as it isn´t part of the Government, can also be a special time to share about God and his love for us. So many students have received Christ in the English school and then have been able to USE the English they learned to be missionaries in other places around the world. I teach second grade in the morning and seventh grade in the afternoon, and the Lord has opened my eyes these two years to this impacting ministry and i am so blessed to be a part.

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About Savannah

I grew up in a small town in Florida. I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was 12 years old in a summer camp and was baptized a short time later. I came to Argentina on a missions trip with my church when I was in high school in 2010. On this missions trip i learned about a Bilingual Bible program with Word of Life where not only could i study Spanish, but also grow stronger spiritually. During my time studying here in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I had the privilege to serve in a local church called Jose Mármol. In this church i had the opportunity to be involved in different ministries such as Bible Club, Sunday School, Discipleship, and the worship team. I had never had the opportunity to serve in such a way before and see the hand of God in so many aspects of my life. From my safety, to my housing, to my emotional and spiritual needs, I saw each one of them met, but more importantly I was able to be blessed by seeing how God uses the local church as the body of Christ to serve Him in so many different ways and I was humbled to be part of that. There are so many needs in the church and God calls each one of us to use our spiritual gifts and talents for His glory. During my third year of the Bible institute I was praying and seeking the Lord for guidance about where He wanted me to be the following year. I had already been serving in Mármol for three years but the decision to be there full time and not on the Word of Life campus was an important one. The Lord confirmed to me the decision to be in Mármol through scripture, counsel and prayer. I went back to the United States to work and in 8 months came back to Mármol. There have been changes in MY plans, but I am 100% sure that what the Lord has for me is the best. I am continuing in Mármol and have also started teaching English as a ministry tool, something that i did not expect, but has turned out to not only to be a school for the children in my class but also for me. As someone who has been given the opportunity to use a language to glorify my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In my church we have a saying that is (translated from Spanish to English) " We exist to glorify God, to be like Jesus, and to make him known in every moment and every place." This to me means that glorifying God is my purpose, living the way Jesus did, and preaching the Gospel wherever I go. I am so thankful for the ministry that the Lord has given me in Jose Marmol, and i look forward to continue serving him in His church.

2 Corinthians 12:9

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