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Hi, we're Aaron and Teresa Krause. We minister in the United States.

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We bring the Gospel to the lost, equipping the local church to do the same by training believers to biblically and effectively share the message of Jesus Christ with unbelievers wherever they are. By so doing, we seek to reproduce disciples of the Lord who in turn will make messengers of others.

We share the Gospel with people where they are and equip local churches to do the same. Our task is accomplished by providing training to fellow believers in the classroom and on the streets.

We share Christ on sidewalks and beaches, in parks and housing projects, at bus stops, and other similar public venues.

We do this with the use of sketch board messages, object lessons, prayer stations, Gospel illusions, and other means by which we can lead into one-to-one conversations about people’s need for Christ.

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About Aaron

God drew me to Himself at the age of seventeen. I wasn’t raised religious and my parents were never married. I struggled with suicidal thoughts and some drug use throughout my teen years. Before we were married, Teresa invited me to Christian Fellowship during my senior year of high school. I finally heard that Christ knew everything about me, and still wanted me and that He died for me. About a week later in the back of the pizza place I worked at, I told Christ: "You know my sin, yet You still died for me. If You want me, You can have me." Teresa and I got married about one year later. The Lord impressed upon my heart to study the Scriptures and to tell people about Jesus. After we had our first son, Levi, we studied at Appalachian Bible College. While in college, I was invited to evangelize in New York City with a Word of Life team. God did a work in my heart during that trip and every year I would meet up with an open-air evangelism team in New York City to tell people about Jesus. The LORD also allowed me to counsel men for about four years in a discipleship program for those who struggled with addiction. God planned for me to tell people about Jesus and to train others how to do the same. This became clearer through each stage of my Christian journey.

About Teresa

I was raised in a non-Christian home. We moved a lot but God always brought neighbors into my life who brought me to church. A church bus ministry brought me to church in fourth grade. That’s when I heard and believed the Gospel. I was baptized later in 6th grade. At the age of 16, my family completely fell apart and I had no idea what the future would be like. At that time, the Lord used a counselor at my school to introduce me to a Christian family who later adopted me. I don't know how my life would have turned out if God didn't bring me to the Bothwell household. As they discipled me, I grew in my relationship with Christ. I met my husband in 12th grade and got married in 2005. I graduated from Appalachian Bible College in 2011. I also worked at a women’s shelter counseling women from God's word. Aaron and I have four children: Levi, Moses, Abigail, and Job; whom we have the privilege to raise to love the Lord. All four of our children seek to follow Christ. They have shared the Gospel in New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, and local towns.

2 Timothy 2:10 "Therefore I endure all things for the elect's sakes, that they may also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory."

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Aaron- (269)-921-4869
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