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Since the day of Jack Wrytzen's salvation, God gave him a hunger for the Word and a burden for people to know Christ. Through Jack's contagious passion for life and truth, God allowed him to share the message of salvation literally around the world. This same passion continues today through the ministry of Word of Life.

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Like no other time in history, young people in America are looking for real answers to life’s questions. They want to know truth, not just trends and traditions. Word of Life is all about communicating truth… Biblical Truth. The challenge we have embraced is to “Reach youth, whose culture constantly changes, with the TRUTH that never changes."

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New York:
PO Box 600
Schroon Lake, NY 12870
Phone: (518)494-6000

13247 Word of Life Drive
Hudson, FL 34669
Phone: (727)856-7575

Our Missionaries

Andrea Aguilar

Miguel & Jeannie Arcila Colli

T.C. Barrs

Rick & Vi Brooks

Ron Crider

Kyle & Nicola Gray

Terry Haney

Kyle Hayden

Sophie Jahn

Charlie Janho

Butch & Lesi Jarrell

Abbie Kuhne

Peter Lindblom

Andy & Tabitha Mater

Ethan Morin

Ron & Pam Morton

Hank & Becky Russo

Karen Smith

Chris & Beth Steiner

Stephanie Stewart

Amber Sullivan

Jacob Van Essendelft

Rick Warken

Terry & Beth Wisser

Short-Term Missions

Eunice Bartlett
Open Air Evangelism

Brent Buhler
Open Air Evangelism

Nate Walls
Open Air Evangelism

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New Olympian Club in Vermont

The following paragraph is copied from an email of a New Olympian Club Leader in Vermont:

"We are seriously blessed through this ministry. We are loving every second of it! So many are involved. A year ago I did not think that it was possible for this church to be doing ministry like ... read more

Florida Fall Festival

As a ministry team leader, I always get excited when one of my team members steps up to take the initiative in a certain circumstance to really get involved with whatever we are doing that day. As such, I want to recount a story from a few weeks ago that really encouraged me and made me thankful for... read more

Blast From the Past

My name is Jeff Welch, I serve as an intern with Sam Frey as part of theOpen Air Evangelism team. I was ministering with Sam and a team in Queens one day two weeks ago when I met a man named George. A lady who was partnering with us handed him a tract and then said to me, "He is just standing there... read more

Testimony Worksheet Leads to Salvation

On December 11th I was teaching a group of students about the importance of being prepared to share your testimony. Part of the lesson involved each student completing a Testimony Worksheet. After youth group was over, one of the girls approached me and confessed that although she had grown up in ... read more

Our Labor is Not in Vain

I visited Bethel Baptist in Monetta SC, on Sunday September 27, 2015. I was excited to learn that 15 children have made a profession in Christ in the last 3 months. And that a lady who made a profession of faith at our Fascar rally in the spring was bringing her son to Word of Life. Our labor is not... read more

From Tragedy to Salvation

I met a girl through a mutual friend just a few weeks ago. I could tell right away that she was disabled- she walked with a limp and has no use of her left arm. I learned that about 5 years ago she was in a car accident where she suffered multiple strokes and was missing for 3 days, this is what ... read more

"What I Hated the Most, I Needed the Most"

One of our staff had 2 of his brothers come to camp, week 7. One of the brothers didn't want to come to camp, hated Word of Life and hated the Bible Institute. His dad made a deal with him to come by agreeing to make one of his truck payments. By Wednesday night the brother that was angry got right ... read more

The Pastor's Daughter

A girl came to Word of Life Island for week 7. Her counselor said she was rebellious, angry and a partyer. She knew the Gospel but wanted no part of it. On Wednesday night during the campfire she began to cry and cried the entire time and was the first one up to put her stick in the fire. She told ... read more

Olivia's Story

Olivia came to camp unsaved and talked to her counselor about salvation all week. Her major hurdle was that she couldn't believe that a loving God would actually allow people to go to hell. Her counselors dialogued with her all week and the talks were calm and thoughtful ones, but Olivia wouldn't ... read more

Silva's Journey

I and my family came to the USA during WWII when I was 8 years old. When I was a teen I lived in N.Y. and had three girl friends of three different faiths, so I wanted to know which one was the true religion. A few years later I moved to Chicago, and a friend invited me to go to church with her. So... read more

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