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Hi, we're Kuka and Oksana Azimkhan. We minister in Ukraine.


Ministry Description

Kuanysh is a mission volunteer. This year he has been mostly involved in the designing and leading conferences', camps' and evangelism programs.

Oksana is a student of the 'Word of Life' Bible Institute (2nd year of study). She is involved in translating and editing of materials and documents of the mission. She also interpretes lectures and personal meetings of professors from abroad.

During this year, we had an opportunity to participate in street evangelism, to design programs for winter camps and to set up online camps durin quarantine. This mission territory is rather big and requires constant maintenance. This is also a part of our ministry.

A special ministry for us is personal communication. We love to invite people to our place, to play board games, to build relationships and to share our faith.

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About Kuka

I come from Kazakhstan.The story of my conversion, spiritual growth and ministry is closely connected to 'Word of Life'. In 2007 I attended a 'Word of Life' summer camp in my native country, which was organized by the team of missionaries from Ukraine. Me and my friends were so excited, that we remembered it for many years. These years I lived without Christ.

In 2012 I occasionally attended a christian camp again. As I came I immediately figured out that it is 'Word of Life', although the stuff members were different. At this camp I accepted Jesus. What influenced me the most is the attitude of the stuff members to their work and to us. Back at that time I decided to study at 'Word of Life' Bible Institute in Ukraine. It was far away from my home, but I was sure that I needed it. Two years of study in the Bible Institute became a strong foundation for my spiritual growth and my future ministry.

At the mission conference at the end of the first year of study I commited my life to the Lord to do His work. The life of stuff members who surrounded me influenced me a lot.
As I finished my education at Bible Institute I went back home to Kazakhstan for 5 years and was involved in the church ministry there. During all those years I had a big dream to be a part of the WOL ministry.

In september 2019 I got married to a Ukrainian girl Oksana. We decided to spend a year in WOL Ukraine so that Oksana can study at the Bible Institute. It was a good opportunity for me to help with the ministry of the mission as a volunteer. During the year we got many opportunities to serve and to be involved in the ministry. Now we see many more opportunities to serve in the mission. My big dream, which was given by God, is coming true.

About Oksana

I grew up in a christian family. My father was a pastor of a small local church in Donetsk region (Ukraine). I accepted Jesus at the age of 10 in a christian camp. My family showed me a great example of serving the Lord by serving people.

In 2014 my family was forced to move from our native city because of the war at the East of Ukraine. The time of moving to another city and having a label of “a refuge” was time of re-thinking my faith. At first, I felt bitter toward God, who took everything from me – my home, my friends, my church, my relatives. I didn’t want to attend the local church. But time went by and Jesus was healing my heart peace by peace. I realized that He has all peace, all consolation and that He is enough for me to be happy.

Two years later I moved to Kyiv to study there. My student life changed me a lot. I started serving in IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) where I met my dear friends, who support and encourage me in my difficulties. Thanks to IFES I’ve gained some knowledge in apologetics and had my first experiences of outreaches. I started leading German speaking club for non-Christian friends, in order to share the Gospel with them.

In 2018 I had my first experience in traveling abroad as a missionary. It was a children’s camp in Mashat, Kazakhstan. I met there a guy, who later made me a proposal to share his vision, ministry and dreams. So here I am now, serving the Lord in WOL Ukraine with my Kazakh husband.

1Cor 9:23: "I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings."

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