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Ministry Description

Jorge and Laura Radziwiluk started Word of Life in the Ukraine 1992. In 1993, the ministry started growing through Bible Clubs and the camping program. Today, there is a staff of more than 30 nationals that are reaching thousands of young people every year. The burden of the missionary team has been to reach out to neighboring countries. An old communist camp near Kiev was purchased in 1999. It has been renovated and now hosts camps through out the year and a Bible Institute. Graduates from the Bible Institute now serve in over 10 neighboring countries of Ukraine. Over 1,400 young people attend camp each year. The ministry in Ukraine includes extensive Open Air Gospel outreaches through the year, Local Church Ministries, Conferences and Gospel Advancing seminars. Another great outreach is the musical drama, "Born Again to a Living Hope". Thousands have accepted Jesus Christ as personal Savior through this ministry. In 2013, Jorge and Laura Radziwiluk passed on the ministry to a young and vibrant staff. The leadership was passed to the new director Matias Radziwiluk and associate director Serhii Korobkin.

Country Description

With 603,000 sq. km, Ukraine is the largest country entirely within Europe and one of the most fertile regions in the world. This country attracted much attention after the nuclear tragedy at the Chernobyl power plant in 1986. This disaster brought log-term consequences to the country with contamination of water, food and many serious health problems. Today Ukraine is an independent country with a distinct language and culture. It is known for outdoor museums where villages display their culture in crafts and living conditions of the past. Cultural heritage can also be seen in centuries-old cathedrals in nearly every Ukrainian city and town. Years of communism have influenced the minds of Ukrainians creating fear, deceit and untrust. The freedom from communism brought new life but also crime, drugs and related problems. While under communist control the church and religion were severely persecuted. Today the country of Ukraine enjoys such Religious Libery, that it is unparalleled to any European country. Ministry opportunities are vast and diverse. But in spite of that, a 2006 survey conducted by the Razumkov Centre for Economic and Political studies, found that: 62.5% of all respondents were not religious, not believers or not affiliated to any religious body. Religious apathy, specially among the youth is at a rise.

Contact Information

Career Missionaries

Bogdan & Irina Babko

Tatyana Bezverhaya

Oleksandr & Ludmila Bulay

Katja Konak

Sergey & Olga Korobkin

Maryana Laskava

Pavel & Svetlana Patskan

Juan Matias & Iryna Radziwiluk

Karina Repnikova

Nataliya Sorokina

Sergey & Inna Stepanenko

Vlad Tsiganenko

Tony & Albina Tyshchenko

Dimitriy & Rita Vershigora

Short-Term Missions - Cross Cultural Interns and Launch

Kuanysh & Oksana Azimkhan

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