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Ministry Description

In Argentina, we have identified the necessity of developing a music ministry that speaks to the needs of our youth, ministers to the local church and trains youth to be future worship leaders.
Potential leaders should be capable of performing their musical instrument with excellence, have a mature theology of God, music and the church. Also, they should carry out their role as worshippers and worship leaders in a way that edifies God and models biblical worship.
In response to this need and the vision that God has given us, we have answered His call to serve our Lord full time and set out this great project.
With this in mind, we want to develop the following 3 projects:
Provide Bible studies in the form of podcasts dealing with actual problems that addresses the needs of youth today
Composing and producing songs; with the purpose of worshipping God, encouraging and allowing the listener to remember biblical truth.
We desire to seek out talented people who are motivated to develop this ministry, a ministry committed to multiply leaders for now and the future. As well as challenging them to join.
Technical training about the role of the worship leader and practical aspects of the worship time during gatherings, instruments and voice management.
Visiting churches, providing them with these trainings and inspiration for their ministry.

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About Mattias

Mi nombre es Mattias Ocampos. Soy de Paraguay, pero me crie en Misiones, Argentina y ahora vivo en Buenos aires, también Argentina. Vengo de una familia cristiana. Conocí a Cristo como su salvador cuando tenía 6 años. Cuando termine la secundaria fui a estudiar en el instituto bíblico Palabra de vida y allí Dios me llamo a servirle tiempo completo. Con los años me perfeccione en la música y el canto, estudie producción musical, forme una banda de música Cristiana y grabe varias canciones de mi autoría. Sin embargo, mi propósito principal era poder servir a Dios tiempo completo con la música, en conjunto con Palabra de vida. En el año 2020 se abrieron finalmente las puertas para poder colaborar en este ministerio. Allí conocí a la mujer que hoy es mi esposa desde el 4 de diciembre de 2021 y con la que comparto un vivo deseo de dedicar mi vida al servicio de Dios. El pasado lunes 28 de febrero del 2022 fuimos aceptados como misioneros de Palabra de vida y estamos deseosos de poner en marcha la visión que Dios nos ha dado.

My name is Mattias Ocampos. I am from Paraguay, but I grew up in Misiones, Argentina, and now I live in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. I grew up in a Christian family. I met God as my saviour when I was 6. When I finished high school, I went to study at Palabra de Vida Bible Institute for 3 years. This is where God called me to serve him full time. During the next years I took up music and singing in a conservatory and I studied both music performance and music production. I also started composing several songs. However, my principal purpose was to serve God full time in the area of music together with Word of Life. In 2020 doors were finally opened to collaborate with this ministry. There, I met the woman who is now my wife since December 4th, 2021. We share a strong desire to dedicate our lives to serving God.
Last Monday the 28th of February 2022 we were accepted as formal missionaries to Palabra de Vida Argentina (PDV), and we are looking forward to set in motion the vision that God has given us.

About Ana

Su esposa Ana Paula Divi. También creció en una familia cristiana. Sus padres eran misioneros de Palabra de Vida donde ella recibió a Cristo a la edad de 6 años, se formó musicalmente desde su temprana edad desarrollando el canto. Sirvió por varios años en los campamentos de Jóvenes de Palabra de vida y luego fue a estudiar los 3 años del curso teológico del instituto Bíblico. Estudió también una carrera como profesora de inglés como segunda lengua. Al haber crecido en una familia misionera, siempre tuvo en su corazón el poder servir a tiempo completo también, llamado que Dios confirmo a lo largo de todos sus años sirviendo y estudiando en Palabra de Vida.

My wife, Ana Paula Divi is 30 years old and also grew up in a Christian family. Her parents were missionaries at PDV, where she accepted Christ when she was 6. She was educated in music since she was young, completing a 6-year study program in music. Furthermore, she developed in the area of singing, serving in her local church for many years. She also has a degree in Teaching English as a second language and one as a professional cook. She volunteered for several years at the PDV youth camps and completed her 3-year theological course at the PDV Bible Institute.
Having grown up in a missionary family, she has always had in her heart the desire to serve in full time ministry, a calling that God confirmed through all those years serving and studying at Palabra de Vida.

Hebreos 10:36 porque os es necesaria la paciencia, para que habiendo hecho la voluntad de Dios, obtengáis la promesa.

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