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Ministry Description

In January of 1971, Joe and Melva Jordan arrived in Argentina to begin a new Word of Life ministry. In 1972, a beautiful 30-acre camp property was purchased in Monte just 62 miles from the capital city, Buenos Aires. Word of Life Argentina is now co-directed by Argentines, Dan Nuesch and Andres Fernandez Paz, and serves as the hub for Word of Life's Spanish-speaking ministries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The property now doubles as a youth camp for over 4,500 young people each summer and as a Bible Institute for over 500 students from 24 countries during the remainder of the year.

Country Description

Argentina, covering an area of 2.8 million kilometers is the eighth largest country in the world. Argentina's land ranges from a subtropical climate in the north, where Iguazu Falls is found to be larger than the Niagara Falls, to the wilderness of the Patagonia in the south, eventually reaching into Antarctica. The country's population, approximately 33 million, is mostly of Italian and Spanish decent. However, after the World Wars a great influx of northern Europeans occurred. About one half of the population live in the beautiful capital of Buenos Aires. Roman Catholicism is the country's official religion, but many are Catholic by name only and are very receptive to the message of the gospel. Since the 80's, there has been strong interest in the Word of God, with many turning to Christ.

Contact Information

Palabra de Vida Argentina
C.C. 61
San Miguel del Monte
Buenos Aires, Argentina CP 7220

Palabra de Vida Argentina
Florida 716 3º H
CP 1005- Capital Federal
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Physical(No mail):
Cuartel 1, Seccion Quintas
San Miguel del Monte
Buenos Aires - Argentina CP 7220
Phone: 011-54-2271-420491
Fax: 011-54-2271-442872

Career Missionaries

Oscar & Ana Aleman

Ramon & Analia Alfonso

Marlene Almiron

Laura Alonso

Rodolfo Amaya Torrez

Carlos & Constanza Aranguren Gonzalez

Pablo & Paula Aranguren Gonzalez

Maria Arrambide Herbia

Graciela Babino

Laura Ballejos

Ricardo & Poly Bascur Isla

Gaston & Flavia Bast

Susana Beitze

David & Nancy Benedetich

Joel & Susana Bitar

Matias Blanco

David & Natalia Brady

Mauro & Mariel Bravo

Eduardo & Gloria Buldain

Santiago & Sara Cabrera

Gaucho & Debora Canche Pech

Martin & Gisela Carabajal

Marcelo & Ani Carrizo

Andres & Marcela Casabe

Estela Castro

Eliecer & Analia Castro Guzman

Omar & Noemi Catalan

Alex Chambi

Karen Colindres Zavala

Eduardo & Mary Colombo

Willy Costilla Hernandez

Irene Cruz

Monica De la Llera

Celio & Vicky Deckert

Eduardo & Rosario Delgado

Lili Dominguez

Nahuel & Julieta Donoso

Diego Esquivel

Analia Fernandez Paz

Andres & Mirta Fernandez Paz

Claudia Fernandez Paz

Ricardo & Marcela Fernandez Paz

Adrian & Alba Ferrari

Andrea Ferreyra

Joel & Ruth Fleitas

Michelle Flores

Alfredo & Adriana Gimenez

Miriam Gimenez

Norberto & Griselda Gimenez

Santiago & Rocio Gimenez

Jose & Angela (Marisa) Gonzalez

Osvaldo & Alba Gonzalez

Jorge & Zuny Guerci

Gail Gutwein

Carlos & Stella Herrou

Ana Hiusisian

Guille & Silvia Klauser

Jorge & Alicia Klauser

Josue & Lisa Klauser

Nico & Tamy Klauser

David & Priscila Kunzi

Gerardo & Andrea Latini

Tito & Veronica Lopez

Sergio & Rosana Lourenzo

Job & Eva Luis Yauri

Emmanuel Manzaneda

Ruben & Betty Martin Arcana

Jose & Marcela Martinez

Sergio & Nancy Martinez

Giovanna Martinez Alarcon

Jony & Natalia Mercado

Berta Mohlinger

Carina Montano

Esteban & Danielle Montllau

Willy & Sonia Montllau

Alfredo & Graciela Mordillo

Alfonso Mota Fausto

Oscar & Bibiana Musri

Monica Muzzupapa

Daniel & Claudia Nogueira

Alejandro Nuesch

Dan & Johana Nuesch

Dan & Silvia Nuesch

Hugo & Veronica Nuesch

Daniel & Sandra Oubel

Juan & Nicole Pascua

Raul & Nancy Pedelaborde

Ariel & Patricia Pedemonte

Alejandro & Claudia Peralta

Aldo & Eglin Quiroga

Percy & Ana Roca Candido

Matias & Eva Rodriguez

Martita Romero

Mabel Ruiz

Oscar & Marcela Scudiero

Marcos & Sandra Segovia

Fernando & Analia Soriano

Javier & Laura Tapia

Alejandro & Ester Teper Villafane

B. Eduardo & Dayana Torres

Nestor & Barbara Torres

Jorge & Susy Triefenbach

Pablo & Brenda Valdez

Ana Villafuerte Chulque

Vero Villarreal

David & Patricia West

Short-Term Missions - Cross Cultural Interns and Launch

Damien & Rylie Cordero

Josh Perry

John & Sue Meyer

Esther Bone

Daniel & Rachel Martinez Nuñez

Sarah Poludniak

Katlyn McGee

Savannah Demasi

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From Death and Darkness to Life

We have had an amazing week of winter camp with 364 campers; 37 believed in Christ as their personal Savior and 184 dedicated their lives to Him. Glory to God!

Juan attended camp and shares, "Before I came to camp I had a dark past. I worshiped the god of death, was (immersed) in ... read more

Guilbot Family

Dear friends, and partners in prayer, we have been waiting 8 years to share with you this long awaited news...Karen and I are more than happy to present you our 5 children, the ones God gave to us:
Axel 9 years old, Rocio 9, Agustin 7, Matias 5 and the little one, Melani 3. We can imagine ... read more

Church Picnic Event Reaches New Contacts

We had an amazing church picnic outreach where 3,000 individuals attended a beautiful day of family-oriented activities and were presented with the gospel message. God answered prayer in a mighty way, because a huge storm rolled in two days before the picnic and we thought we would have to cancel it... read more

Gospel Shared at Baseball Outreach and Many Accept Christ

I recently had a unique opportunity to share the Gospel using baseball. Believe it or not, baseball is a recently new developing sport in Argentina! However, I helped translate, rather than show off my baseball skills!
A ministry called Sports International organized the activity. We had a ... read more

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