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Ministry Description

The ministry in Paraguay is very active using the open doors the Lord has given them. They are working in public schools doing talks with the students on destructive behaviors and use that share the gospel. They also have Local Church Ministries (LCM) where they work closely with the Local Churches through the Bible Club and Olympians ministry.
Throughout the year they also have different conferences to train leaders. They also have summer camps. Recently they started a Discipleship Training Center (DTC) on Friday nights for leaders and people from the local churches that want to grow and study God's word.
Another aspect of the ministry is their Evangelistic programs such as: Children show and Born again for living Hope drama. They currently have 4 couples and 1 single serving as full-time missionaries. God is doing great things... We invite you to be part of it!

Country Description

Paraguay is located in the heart of South America and is one of only two land locked countries on that continent, bordered only by Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. A strategic advantage in its location is the gydroelectric system undertaken by Brazil and Paraguay, which is the largest of its kind in the world. Electricity produed is shared between the two countries. Already Paraguay's share exceeds domestic requirements and is being sold to Brazil. Protestant churches are growing, but are small. They comprise 3% of the total population and are divided among at least 33 agencies. They seem to be more local than national in scope.

Contact Information

Palabra de Vida Paraguay
Paraíso 996 y Concepción Barrio San Pablo, Asunción Paraguay

Phone number #1 +595992280055
Phone number #2 +595991857694
Phone number #3 +595992246322

Our Missionaries

Josi & Emi Acevedo

Reici & Karen Acevedo

Reinaldo & Brenda Acevedo

Katelyn Barone

Marcelo & Jesica Giorgis

Mayte Rodriguez

Short-Term Missions

Brian Araujo
Missions Reality

T.C. Barrs
Missions Reality

Raelene Cordova
Missions Reality

Abbie Crowley
Missions Reality

Nicole Cunningham
Missions Reality

Brooke Dahlmeyer
Missions Reality

Michael Davis
Missions Reality

Cassidy Espinoza
Missions Reality

Hiroki Harada
Missions Reality

Emilie Harker
Missions Reality

Cara Harrigan
Missions Reality

Charlie Janho
Missions Reality

Lauren Karnes
Missions Reality

Abby Kennedy
Missions Reality

Joy Lenahan
Missions Reality

Tim Long
Missions Reality

Rico Lopez
Missions Reality

Daniel Lopez Vasquez
Missions Reality

Brady Novak
Missions Reality

Dina Paoloni
Missions Reality

Luke Perry
Missions Reality

Mariah Phillips
Missions Reality

Jessica Richards
Missions Reality

Emily Rishel
Missions Reality

Jordan Ross
Missions Reality

Cameron Sardano
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Marley Slay
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Joe Stursberg
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Taneesha Underwood
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Jacob Van Essendelft
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