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Ministry Description

The ministry of Word of Life Bolivia began in 1989. The summer of 1990 marked the first Word of Life camp, 400 young people attended. Under the direction of Juan and Noemi Lella, the missionary team now operates summer camps and six Bible Clubs in local churches. Other key ministries include weekly Open Air Evangelism, musical dramas in public schools, and the Children's Show. Near future plans include expanding the missionary staff and reaching new areas of the country through the Bible Club program.

Country Description

Due to its landlocked location and rough terrain, Bolivia is often considered the most isolated country in Latin America. Over 50 percent of the 7.8 million inhabitants maintain Indian traditions, lifestyles, values, and beliefs. Known over the years for unstable governments, hyper-inflation, extreme geographical conditions, and a wide variety of climates, Bolivia has presented missionaries with unique challenges and opportunities. The country is best known for La Paz, the highest capital city in the world (two miles above sea level). Sadly, Bolivia is also famous for being the second largest exporter of cocaine in the world. Over 90 percent of the nation claims to be Catholic, but most of them mix the religion with Inca traditional beliefs.

Contact Information

Career Missionaries

Mirian Acher

Laury Aldana

Norah Castillo

Juana Espinoza

Nestor & Viviana Ibanez

Vanesa Jimenez Vargas

Miguel & Romelia Laime

Wilma Lazarte

Juan & Noemi Lella

Daniel & Cintia Peralta

Wilson & Carola Perez

Jose Puma

Irma Quiroz

Jose & Elda Rejas

David & Elsa Reyes Pol

Isaias & Jesica Rocha

Steve & Fabiola Suarez

Raul & Carola Torrejon

Jonatan & Casey Torrejon Vasquez

Roberto Vargas

Ariel & Viviana Vasquez

German & Delia Vasquez

Nelly Villafuerte

Short-Term Missions - Cross Cultural Interns and Launch

Becky Dwinell

Jesse Sowa

Emily Parke

Bryanna Giesen

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Camp Testimony: Forgiven, Now I Can Forgive

I can summarize my testimony like this: I came to camp because someone invited me and told me that someone was giving me a week of camp. I decided to come because I figured I could use the distraction, and honestly I thought that was all I would do at camp. My life was full of hatred and bitterness ... read more

Camp Testimony: An Unexpected Gift Taught Me About Love

In December I made my reservation to come to camp. The only way to get from my city to Cochabamba during this time of the year is by plane, because the roads are flooded. I saved every single penny I could to have enough money to pay for my plane ticket and pay for camp. One week before I was ... read more

Camp Testimony: I Am a New Person

My name is Aleniz and I am from La Paz. I arrived to camp full of hatred and my life in shambles. I did not believe that a God of love existed because all I felt was bitterness and remorse towards Him for the things that had happened to me. My parents abandoned me when I was a child and was raised ... read more

Camp Testimony: From Hopelessness to Real Hope

My life was a disaster, I was hopeless and only thought about ending my life because I did not want to live any longer. My family was a mess as well because my mother is an alcoholic and my father left us. When I was 8 years old I decided to leave my home because I no longer wanted to live in the ... read more

Miracles in a Bolivian Children's Camp

Word of Life Bolivia has had great success with children's camp reaching lost young people for Jesus. Recently God had placed it upon their hearts to reach further than their normal neighborhoods; they wanted to reach into the prisons of Bolivia. In Bolivia many children live with their parents in ... read more

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